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What's Smart Pop been up to lately?

It's been a busy couple of months here at Smart Pop central: after a bit of series downtime, we've got a new title in April (Halo Effect), two new titles in May (Neptune Noir and Coffee at Luke's), and a couple of others we're finishing up for the rest of the season. (Not to mention our latest "Psychology of" title, Psychology of Harry Potter.) There's been little time for blogging.

. . . which means there are some neat things we've got in progress that we haven't gotten around to telling much of anybody.

Here are the highlights:

Save Veronica Mars! - If you're a VM fan, you're probably up on the kerfluffle about the show being considered (again-- sigh) for cancellation. We've teamed up with (formerly to help the campaign to save the show: for every copy of Neptune Noir sold through their site, we'll donate $5 to the campaign. So if you were planning on picking up a copy, that would be my recommendation for the way to do it!

New Serenity Book - Finding Serenity's been such a great book for us that we're putting together a second collection of essays on the Firefly universe, this time covering the movie Serenity as well. We're calling it Serenity Found. Jane Espenson's back as our editor, and we've got essays by Nathan "Captain Tightpants" Fillion and Mutant Enemy special effects wizard Loni Peristere (and Orson Scott Card, and some of our other favorite Smart Pop writers). Pub date is set for October 2007.
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Wondering if Smart pop has considered an essay collection on Supernatural?
We have considered, and will continue to consider for the future; it just hasn't yet jumped to the top of our list!
I was very excited to see a new Serenity book coming and was all set to buy it until I saw OSC's involved. Sorry, bit I have to back out now - his homophobia is just a little too hard to accept. And I really wanted to hear what Nathan Fillion and Loni Peristere have to say. C'est la vie!
I'm very sorry to hear that having Card involved ruins your potential enjoyment of the rest of the book (and Nathan and Loni's essays are *aweseome*; Firefly fangirl that I am, I was honored to be able to edit them), but I completely understand and respect wanting to stand up for something you believe in.
lookin forward to it
Please keep us informed.

After I saw OSC's involved - will definitely buy.

Did you think about comics?
Will certainly do my best to keep the information coming. :)

Did we think about comics for what?
comics based on Firefly/Serenity stories.